About Crosslight Global Entertainment

Crosslight Global Entertainment is a creative entertainment agency that works in a multitude of markets across three continents to offer truly 360° services.  

We provide conception and management of creative content, business development, and marketing strategies.

Our global reach gives you an edge for all your business needs; our global perspective means we have the ability to adapt to the demands of different cultural climates, diverse market segments, and the challenges of localization worldwide.

Crosslight has offices in Paris and Tokyo and works with a variety of contacts throughout Asia and Europe. As the entertainment industry transcends boundaries and promotes cross-cultural exchange like no other industry, we are always ready to take on cross-border business opportunities.  

Let us be your partner in entertainment.

Our Values

Creativity and Commitment

We believe every project has a “soul.”  Creativity is the driving force of all successful projects, no matter whether they originate in the boardroom or the garage.  Our commitment is to find that creative spark and help each client develop the full potential of his or her project or product – and parlay that potential into profitability.

Innovation and Passion

We guide art and artists towards the brands they best align with.  Our clients’ passion is our top priority, and our focus is to realize that passion.  Creativity and innovation in strategy and marketing are our keys to greatness.


Big ideas need big resources.  That’s why Crosslight is a team player.  We value our clients and seek to build relationships in the long term. That way, when you need help, we can leverage an extensive and diverse network to deliver the best resources and expertise available.  We match up talents that complement both each other and the project, connecting the best technicians with the best artists for a superior execution.

Efficiency and Reliability

We maximize our investment in people and ideas to make magic happen.  Since we seek long-term relationships with our clients, we look to evolve along with them and the market to consistently provide the best service.


Our Mission

Crosslight Global Entertainment is a creative entertainment agency that oversees creative content production.  We approach content with creativity and commitment, so that the best is brought to the mass market.  We adapt our content to our client’s needs, optimize our resources, and deliver what we pitch.  We provide full services with dedicated project management so that no time or resources are wasted on middlemen. Finally, we provide global solutions, anticipate the market, and develop our clients’ vision on an international scale.

At Crosslight, we value cross-cultural exchange.  Our goal, first and foremost, is to synergize with our clients in creation, production, and content management.  To do that, we leverage our global network for market engagement, insight, and international development and export.

Our key to success is: think globally, act locally.