Project Details

  • Client: Nintendo

After successful promotion and coordination of the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour in Europe, Nintendo of Europe approached us to produce a new arrangement of the main theme song for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Nintendo wanted music that could accurately convey the intimate and personalized community atmosphere of the game to be used in advertisements and branding throughout Europe. Our challenge was to achieve that using the iconic music of a very popular franchise in a way both familiar and new.

In order to create a community atmosphere for the theme song, Crosslight Global Entertainment pitched the idea to change the arrangement from computer-generated to live orchestral recording. The intimacy of instruments would be better-suited to what Nintendo of Europe was looking for, and would add a fresh new sound to the music. As soon as the proposal was approved, we quickly worked to find an orchestra and put together a 25-piece ensemble for the project.

Recording involved four hours of live takes in six different formats (15-, 20-, 30-, and 40-second versions, and one- and two-minute versions). To adjust the song to the time limit of each format, we rearranged for different tempos and recorded to account for different needs. In total, we produced thirty different versions of the main theme, out of which Nintendo of Europe selected seven to use in TV spots and online content.


Nintendo of Europe was very happy with the results. The tracks they selected appeared primarily in TV spots and in online content advertising the game for its European release. Even more importantly, the Nintendo headquarters in Japan also loved our re-imagining of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf theme, describing it as way beyond their expectations and acquiring the music rights from the composer and publisher to synchronize the longest version of the song for use in online content on the official Japanese website.