Asian Kung-Fu Generation Europe Tour 2013

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Project Details

  • Client: Sony Music Communications

Asian Kung Fu Generation wanted to tour Europe, but was strapped for time. They had three concerts to perform in four days. We only had one month, after taking care of booking and logistics, to promote this tour well enough to fill three large venues. At the same time, another incredibly popular Japanese rock band, Dir en grey, was touring the area. Given the spending habits of this market segment, we effectively needed to persuade fans to choose to see Asian Kung Fu Generation over Dir en grey in order to make the tour a success.

Project Description

Crosslight Global Entertainment organized nearly all aspects of this tour.  First, we had to handle legal matters such as visas, and book the venues for the three cities involved.  Asian Kung Fu Generation would perform in the UK at O2 Academy in Islington (800-seat capacity), in France at Le Bataclan in Paris (1500-seat capacity), and in Germany at the Gloria in Cologne (500-seat capacity).

Secondly, we managed promotion and press.  These were medium-sized venues, but we had only a month for promotions to sell tickets.  We began by sending out a targeted press blast and featuring short interviews from members of the band to stir up interest.  As we were competing with another band for the same low-spending demographic, we decided to take a risk and lower our ticket prices. Our promotional strategy focused on offering fans the chance to see a big band at an affordable price.  Our UK tickets sold at £19.00, our Paris tickets at €24.00, and our Cologne tickets at €23.00.  

Third, we handled merchandising and sales for the tour.  We partnered with Sony Music Communication on the manufacturing side, producing merchandise such as T-shirts, towels, badges, and CDs.

Lastly, we provided personnel support.  We supplied drums and amps for the backline, and called in valuable crew members.  We provided a tour manager, a technical coordinator who spoke three languages, a merchandising manager, and a PR team member.


As a result of our quick thinking and focused, targeted promotion, we were able to sell out the two largest venues (in Islington and Paris), and nearly sold out the Cologne show.  Despite the added obstacle of restrictive curfew laws in Europe, our merchandise teams also sold well.