°C-ute Cutie Circuit Voyage à Paris

Backline Management - Crew Management - Event Coordination - Event Management - Event Production - Event Promotion - Logistics and Operations - Merchandising Management - Production Management - Publicity - Ticketing

Project Details

  • Client: UP-Front Create, Ankama

°C-ute is one of a number of artists signed to Bishi-Bishi, Crosslight Global Entertainment’s in-house Japanese and Japanese-influenced music label. As the popular girl band has a large following in France, their Japanese label, Up-Front Agency, wanted to introduce to them to Europe. Crosslight decided to create a big splash. 


Project Description

In order to ensure that  °C-ute received the biggest French welcome we could create, we decided to take a multi-pronged approach through a spectacular concert event, as well as extensive media events, fan events, and cultural events. We wanted to produce a memorable branded °C-ute experience that would blow fans, media, and industry tastemakers away. 

We began by booking a show at La Cigale, a 1300-person capacity venue in Paris, and also arranged for two meet-and-greet sessions with fans to occur at France’s biggest Japanese cultural event, Japan Expo. With over 200,000 attendees each year, the meet-and-greet events allowed °C-ute a platform to reach a tremendous audience ahead of their show. In addition, we also arranged a press conference, Q&A session, and coordinated interviews with media outlets. 

For the show itself, Crosslight was responsible not only for booking the show, but also for overseeing management and production, coordinating between all parties (both local and international), bringing on all necessary crew, and providing backline and equipment. We also handled °C-ute’s merchandise management and manufacturing to ensure that fans would be able to buy artist goods.


Through targeted publicity and extensive promotions, we sold out all 1300 seats in La Cigale and rocked the house with an incredible show.  Longtime and new fans alike were blown away by the concert, which was covered by French and Japanese media outlets alike.  In addition, over 600 fans attended the meet-and-greet sessions, all of whom purchased °C-ute’s CD, within which we placed tickets for the meet-and-greet sessions.