Project Details

  • Client: Dead Sexy Inc

International artist Dead Sexy is the music project of Crosslight’s Stéphane Hervé. With a number of records under their belt with Universal Music, Cleopatra, and Enragé Production, Dead Sexy recently signed to 7US in Germany. Before they could do that, however, Dead Sexy needed a strong music video following the highly acclaimed videos from their album, Kamikaze. They also wanted to step away from the anime/manga image they had been using to market themselves and rebrand with a stronger rock image to match their live appeal.

Project Description 

Crosslight approached French director Rémy Gente on the screenplay, and teamed up with director of photography extraordinaire Baptiste Chesnay to match the electro-glam, sexy alternative style of the band. Crosslight worked with the technical team on the decision-making process and decided to invest on a shoot with the slow motion Phantom Flex camera. We also handled casting, styling, makeup, location scouting, and publicity. The single was digitally released and publicized in France with Crosslight Global Entertainment.


Not only did the band secure a deal with 7US Records in Europe after the video’s first release, the song also received airplay throughout most European rock radio stations. The song and the video have been continually requested as a single in new countries.