Project Details

  • Client: Intel

Intel France’s marketing manager sought us out for a corporate event, “Level Up,” intended to highlight new Intel technological innovations and products.  It was our job to create a musical video presentation to illustrate Intel’s technology, both by showing it in the video and by using it in the video’s development.  

Project Description

Crosslight Global Entertainment was placed in charge of the music for the presentation, alongside another agency, Enterstice, that was hired to produce the video which would play in the background throughout the show.  Therefore, it was important for us to be in continuous communication with the other agency in order to produce the most unified and cohesive presentation possible.

The event hosted around 200 attendees, including press, Intel associates, and Intel partners.  The presentation would require twenty-two minutes of music, and we curated a selection of music that would appeal to a very defined demographic. 

We produced a medley of arrangements of different music from invited artists.  The relative intimacy of the gathering allowed us to create something that felt tailored to the people in attendance. The “Level Up” theme shone through the combined audio and visual presentation thanks to our and Enterstices’ efforts.

In order to memorialize the event for Intel, Crosslight also directed and produced an event video. We were responsible for managing the crew, planning direction, production, and post-production. 


The result was a positive reception by the attendees and Intel. Both the heads of Intel France and Intel Marketing Worldwide were very impressed with the show, and provided us with great feedback and glowing compliments.