Project Details

  • Client: Jason Michael Paul Productions; Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011, prompting, among other things, a special event concert tour in America.  After two years of well-received tours in the USA and Japan, we took on the challenge of re-creating this event in Europe.


Project Description 

There would be three concerts in Europe, held in London, Paris, and Berlin.  We were in charge of local coordination for Paris and Berlin, and merchandise for all three events.  Working together with Jason Michael Paul Productions, the U.S. producer of the Zelda Symphonic Series, we booked the venues and the orchestras in the two cities. 

The concerts were all to be held within a five-day period, meaning that we had very little time in between each event to promote the next performance.  We had to get buzz going as early as possible, which left us no room for error.

The London concert, for which we handled merchandising, was held on May 23, 2013, at the Hammersmith Apollo.  The concert in Paris was held at the Palais des Congrès, a 3500-seat venue, on May 25, 2013.  We leveraged our local PR network extensively for Paris, and created a Nintendo Direct video that could be seen by anyone with a Nintendo console connected to the internet. The Berlin concert was held at Tempodrom on May 28, 2013.  Our merchandise team worked hard to sell goods – shirts, CDs, posters –  to the fans early on, to evade Berlin’s local curfew laws.

We didn’t stop there. Wanting to do more for the fans, we produced, with Nintendo of Japan’s blessing, a 24-page booklet with information on the history of the expansive world of the Legend of Zelda.  These booklets were given to attendees who purchased VIP tickets at all three concerts.


Thanks to our efforts on the ground, the Paris concert sold out a 3500-seat venue, with the Berlin concert nearly selling out as well.  What’s more, our entire press network – every member of the press whom we contacted – attended the concerts.  The symphony performances received glowing reviews, and fans were very happy.

Moreover, our work on the Paris show spurred Nintendo of Europe to approach us with another project: the re-orchestration of the main theme of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.