Wii U Photoshoot

Casting - Image Retouching - Photography - Production Management

Project Details

  • Client: Nintendo

We were tasked with the challenge of coordinating the largest-ever photoshop for Nintendo of Europe.

Project Description

In early 2013, we took on the ambitious task of coordinating and executing the biggest photoshoot ever done for Nintendo of Europe.  This photoshoot was to promote a huge range of new and upcoming Nintendo products: the release of the new Wii U console; the upcoming special Legend of Zelda Wii U bundle, which would include the new HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker along with special digital content and a full set of Wii U accessories; the upcoming Pokemon X and Y Version release for the 3DS; the 3DS Luigi exclusive edition; and the new 2DS handheld console which released in October 2013.  

Crosslight was responsible for casting all the models  and crew, scouting for locations, and overseeing production of the photo shoots. In addition, we handled post-production and image retouching of all photos in-house. Almost 70 concepts were shot and approved.  

The photoshoot produced over 400 approved stock images for Nintendo of Europe.  These were available for use by any territories to contract from Nintendo of Europe; all images could be used in any way according to the clients’ own designs.  Nintendo of Europe was very pleased with the work that we did, as we did it on a tight schedule and budget. The images produced sold quite well, and none of the products represented were neglected.